Aastra BLF State reversal

I’ve setup a Queue Log In - Log out button with BLF on Aastra 57i phones.

User would like the BLF state to be “reversed” for this key.

By default, the BLF would be lit when the user is logged in, and not lit when the user is logged out.

User wants the BLF to be LIT when the user is logged out.

Now I know this can’t be changed server side, it would have to be a config change to the phone.
Question one… Can you customize Aastra BLF states?
Question two… Can you customize the state for just one button?
Question three… HOW AND WHERE do I change it?

I’m about to start digging through config files looking for clues… any help would be appreciated.

NOTE: I’m NOT using the xml scripts but rather EPM for deployments.

Thanks Tony

Anyone know off the top of their heads that Support changing the BLF indicator on a per button basis?

No you can not change that.

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