Aastra BLF issues with 3.2... Firmware

Is anyone else having issues with Aastra BLF’s and sometimes phones maintianing their registration once upgrading to the 3.2 firmware? I am running PBX in a Flash, Asterisk, FPBX 2.9. Currently I am specifically running, but I have tried others.

Yes we see it over and over again. I have a Beta Release that seems much better. Fixes lots of quirks and other weird things we have seen with 3.x. We still run 2.6 in production except for 6739i phones because of all the issues with the 3.x firmware.

Lots of weird quirks and with the 3.x branch and I have not read of any compelling reason to change. Stick with the latest 2.x version.


Thank you, the reason I upgraded was because with the 2.6 that we were running, the phones weren’t consistently sending dtmf to other peoples auto attendants, but with the 3.2 it is. Is there a way around that? I don’t know which specific version I had, but it was fairly recent.