Aastra and the Power of the Open Telephony Training Seminar

So, I came back from the Open Telephony Training Seminar with a hunger
for XML. Previously, XML and handsets was not something I understood.
But, I was able to get some of the concepts and frameworks clearer and
discovered that Aastra handsets have excellent XML support and would
make the process of learning XML/FreePBX/Asterisk integrations quite a bit easier.

So, I filled out the standard reseller agreement with Aastra along with I agreed to attend a Webinar about Aastra products.

I have the XML Guide in hand…

The Webinar was cool. I got the phone conference going first and while
I was waiting for the Web session to load I started hearing voices from
the Open Telephony Training Seminar… Tom C., John M., Gary B., and

So, hats off to Mark Carson from Aastra for getting so many of us aware
and interested in Aastra gear. He gave a good presentation at OTTS and
spent time with a great many of the attendees.

As a project… I hope to extrapolate the School Attendance XML work that Stephane has done a tie to a live attendance database.

Any tips or learning resources are appreciated.

Can’t wait to attend the next OTTS (even if it means 18 hours traveling from Oz), all booked and raring to go. These Aastra phones sound great, and I have just downloaded the XML Guide for a quick read, to see what ideas pop into my head. Robert, do you know if there is a soft phone of the Aastra to play with, like some other phones have?

is available from Aastra at this time. I heard they may release one someday…