Aastra and Polycom User Name and Password (secret)issue. Very Frustrating

I am using Aastra 57I phones and Polycom 501. I have set up my extensions. However cannot get them to register. It seems there are several places for user names and passwords for each type of phone.
Which are the correct entrys. My extension is 112 that is the user name correct? My secret is 1111 that is the password. Please advise.

The registration is probably the “Authentication Name” field or some variation of wording. That goes with the password to authenticate as an extension. Just put your extension number in two places, username and authentication. password is password.

57i, nice phone. If you’re getting a lot of phones then consider loading the asstra scripts and latest firmware. Then you simply type the name/pass in when you first turn them on.

Try the endpoint manager in freepbx, that can do a basic setup rather easily.

In other words, you don’t need to fuss with each phone’s web interface, let the server do the work.

HOw Can I reset my Polycom 501 .i Forgot the password .