Aastra 9143i outbound calls


For the past couple of days I have been going nuts trying to configure an Aastra 9143i, that I have just purchased. Recently, I have been using softphones without any issues.

My problem is I am unable to call long distance numbers. I can dial locally, for instance 7969000, and it works. Dial 4077969000 - I get a busy tone, same if I add a 1 in front of that. Again, everything works no problem with the softphone

Aastra is running the latest version I am running PBXIAF silver, FreePBX

My trunks are through SIPSTATION and Voicepulse, they were setup with the automated tools.

Any suggestions, I would be greatly appreciated.

A console log of the local and long distance calls would go a long way to help in solving your problem.

You have the dial plan in the phone set incorrectly.

Depending on how you provisioned the phone (tftp or via web) you need to change the local dial plan to reflect the number of digits you dial in your area.

A properly set local dial plan is important, if you don’t you will have either issues like you are having or users will have to press the send key to make a call.

Suspecting it may be something with the dial plan, I have searched multiple forums and have attempted different dial plans.

At the moment it is set to “x+#|xx+*”

How does one go about setting the correct dial plan?

When in the CLI, dialing with out the area code you can see activity, from start to hangup. However dial the area code, and no activity.