Aastra 6867i keeps crashing/rebooting

We’ve got about a dozen Aastra 6867i’s on our FreePBX 12.0.62 system and are using the Commercial Endpoint Manager - Some of the phones are using POE and Some are powered by wallwarts -

The phones are all working very well for the most part but seem to have a problem with “random” restarts; The phones will crash/restart themselves throughout the day 1-2 times - they all do it at different times, though I have noticed (on my phone at least, and I have not been able to confirm this) it seems to be associated with a call being put into the parking lot, so possibly something to do with the BLF updating? (we have BLF soft keys for the parking lot)

I’ve tried updating from the EPM’s firmware to the latest firmware on mitel’s site ( on a few of the phones and it made no difference

any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this?



I would start with a ticket to Mitel as its a phone issue it would seem. Not something the PBX could solve.

This is happening to us as well, on FreePBX 12.0.63 and firmware on our Aastra 6869i. Mitel wants to charge for support, which I am willing to do, but I want to eliminate all possibilities that this is a PBX setting.

Thanks for any help.

Boy, are you barking up the wrong tree. Go to Mitel, their customer support is far superior to anything on offer at Sangoma.

I tested a 6869i for a day and concluded that it was not ready for primetime. There are way too many firmware bugs. Stick with the 6737i. Next, I’m going to try the Panasonic SIP phones…

Incase anybody else is having this issue with the 6867i’s It looks having the REST Parking App on one of the soft keys is what was crashing the phones. I removed it and haven’t seen a crash since.