Aastra 6867i BLF status

I am testing an Aastra 6867i on the FreePBX distro 6.12.65-27. I am having a problem with the BLF status changing to a question mark after a few minutes. They work properly when the phone is rebooted for several minutes and then changed to a question mark.

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I am using the commercial end point management module version to provision the phone and firmware version 1.10 on the aastra phones.

Any help would be appreciated.


What version of Asterisk? This is either a bug in Asterisk or the firmware of the Aastra phone. The ? means it lost the subscription to the BLF in Asterisk and Aastras will not resubscribe until you reboot them.

I’m testing the Aastra 6869i with an older version of FreePBX (2.11) and Asterisk (1.8) and am not having this problem. In the Global SIP Settings area of the phone’s configuration, what do you have set for the BLF Subscription Period? Mine is at 300 seconds.

Asterisk version 13.3.2

It looks like the baseline file in the end point manager sets the blf subscription period to 600

sip blf subscription period: “600”

I checked on the phone and it is set to 600. I will try changing it to 300 and see if it makes a difference.

I changed {sip blf subscription period: “600”} to {sip blf subscription period: “300”} in the base file editor in the end point manager for the aastra phones and it did not fix the problem. I thought it had at first but it timed out again.

The phone is running firmware version Any ideas on how to fix this? Do I need to wait for a firmware update or is it a freepbx issue?

I think its a bug in the phones firmware that after the period it does not resubscribe.

FWW, I have a Earthlink hosted customer which is experiencing the same issue. Just recently discovered and am attempting to resolve. Unsure what PBX VOIP Earthlink Business utilizes.

I just updated the phone to Firmware version from Mitel’s website to see if that would make a difference. The version in End Point Manager is

It has worked for 10 minutes so far.

i’m incuring the same blf issue with aastra 6865i and 6867i on freepbx 12.0.13 asterisk 13.0.0
updated firmware and freepbx and so and so…
only restarting asterisk (and phones) works!
every 2 days same song again
snif plz help :frowning:

We are seeing the same problem here, I think it could be related to DNS SRV. Are you using DNS SRV? Our solution was to use proxy and backup proxy only.

Its the phone like Tony is telling you.
You can put the phone in log mode and wireshark it.
But it’s the phone. Flash it.

Its for sure the phone, and its not solved in later versions either (at least not the way I do see this error). Im currently running on (latest), so nothing to flash.

My solution is to use the “sip proxy ip” and “sip backup proxy ip” instead of just pointing to a SRV record, as this way will make the phone try to re-subscribe all the way. While on SRV I have tested that its stops as soon as it gets an 408 or 503 SIP error message.

We’re seeing the same issue on a 6867i that we’re testing wtih. It’s on the latest firmware. Anyone come up with a solution?