Aastra 6753i - getting it to register with FreePBX


I finally made the leap to getting a VOIP phone.

I have been using the cisco spa122 ATA box for a few things, and they have worked fine.

I am using the config page for “Line 1”. Maybe I should put the Proxy server an dport under the Gobal SIP section, since the Proxy is the same for the other lines that I will add, once I get the first up and runing.

I was not using any advanced features then, so I only needed to configure 4 things:
Proxy Server (the IP of my VM which has my FreePBX
Proxy Port - I use 5060 (or should I use 5061?)
Authentication name - my extension number
Secret password - My password for the extension

I used this same logic (and information) and found the corresponding fields on the Aastra 6753i phone.

Until now, it still have not registered on the FreePBX server.

Can some one help me towards a working connection?

Maybe start by telling me in the above information is the right ones to put in the phone config?

Is there other information that must be inserted?

Thanks for any guidance.


For Aastra 6757i, under Global SIP I need to enter

An example of x1001 with a password of 123456 and FreePBX server at would be

PhoneNumber 1001
AuthenticationName 1001
Password 123456