Aastra 6739i hardkeys and EndPoint Manager


I’m trying to configure Line 2 and Line 3 hard keys on the Aastra 6739i. I’m hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Should I be configuring this in the Basefile by changing Values for Parameters, sip line2 auth name, etc.

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Create two more entries in Extension Mapping, all with the same MAC address. Select line 2 and line 3 respectively and assign the desired local extension. Save, rebuild, and reboot phone. Salt to taste.

Excellent, that sounds very tasty. I created the new extension in Extension Mapping and used the same template as the other extension. I just changed the Account to Account 2, which I’m hoping is for the Line 2.

The phones are remote, so I’ll have to wait for them to reboot it before I know if it’s working.

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I configured two extensions on the 6739i, 308 & 309. Extension Mapping has both extensions using the same MAC and 309 is Account 2. Also, both use the same template.

Everything works fine after the phone is rebooted and can work for days, then outbound calling starts to fail and the logs show,

“WARNING[2109][C-0007c984] chan_sip.c: username mismatch, have <309>, digest has <308>”

I have a similar configuration on a different PBX using a 6757i, it has 3 lines configured in the same fashion and works great.

Does anyone know where this mismatch could be coming from? I’ve tried two different 6739i and they behave the same.

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This is still causing issues. Should I be creating a different template to use in the EPM for the second extension? I have both registered using a single template.