Aastra 6735i phone just randomly reboots

For some reason we have some Aastra 6735i phones that will just randomly reboot. It does not seem to happen at any particular time nor does it happen every day. You never know when it might reboot. Has anyone else ever seen this and know what might be happening. We do use the Commercial Endpoint manager version to manage these phones. I have checked to see if maybe the IP has changed and rebooted for that but it has not changed. Also, I am running Freepbx 4.211.64-10.

Check on the phones http server in the “Configuartion Server Settings” that you have no local overrides in the Auto-Resync section.

In the Auto-Resync section the settings are as follows:

Mode- Both
Time- 5:00
Maximum Delay- 15
Days- 0

Try setting the mode to none, most FreePBX deployments will push reconfiguration if and when necessary