Aastra 57i MWI

I have set up my freePBX 1.7 box, and have attached an aastra57i phone. I really like the setup and the phone, but I have a question regarding the message waiting indicator on the phone.

I have set up the phone as endpoint for 3 extensions, which all work fine. The phone tells me which line a call is coming in on, exactly as I wanted it. The MWI also works for one line. But it does not work for the other lines. How is this supposed to work? The phone UI is set to “All” for the MWI, which supposedly should work for all lines.

When I go to my mailboxes, the PBX tells me that I have a new message on Extension, and 3 new messages on Extension 2. What should I see on the phone? I see the light is flashing, and I see an envelope icon on the screen with a “1” behind it. When I go to “SErvices”, “Voicemail”, I get a list of extensions, and I see that I have a voicemail on line 1, but the other lines are empty. As far as I can tell, the Extensions for line 1 and 2 in FreePBX are set up exactly identical.

My experience is that when you have a voicemail on another line, the message waiting light will flash but nothing will show up on the screen until you navigate to the line # using the large left and right arrows (right under the display).

As you hit the left or right arrow, the L1 in the upper left hand corner of the middle section of the display (underneath the top soft-keys) will change to L2, L3, L4, etc. Once you reach the line with a voicemail message, you’ll see the envelope and # of messages that have been left for the extension which is registered to that particular line.