Aastra 57i beeps on Apply Config

Hello! When we press the Apply Config button, about 20 seconds later, some, but not all of our Aastra 57i phones beep. Can anyone tell me why? It didn’t used to do this, and I have not been able to find any reason for it. With about 140 phones on our campus, it’s a lot of random noise to explain.

Are you using Phone Apps?

Yes, and Endpoint Manager.

What version of Phone Apps?

Sorry, Andrew, I’ve been out. It’s been happening for a while through different versions. I keep fairly up to date, and the current installed version is

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

Phone Apps is causing it.

Thanks for the info. Is that something likely to be fixed in an upcoming release, or is there something I can do to affect this behavior?

Pretty sure that is a aastra thing. Not sure we can solve that.

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