Aastra 480i not starting hold music

Hi, I’m hoping that someone can help us solve this problem. It has been documented as being an issue in Asterisk and it supposed to be fixed but I think that version has not made it to a FREEPBX module upgrade yet.

One issue we are having is our Aastra phones 480i do not trigger hold music when putting a caller on hold. In addition, the system drops the caller after about 15-30 seconds of the hold button being pressed on the Aastra phone.

See the following links:


The fix might be right in front of me but this just looks Chinese to me. I’m a linux amateur at best.

All our freepbx modules are up to date. We are running Asterisk (Ver. and FreePBX

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

As Tony pointed out in your other thread (pick one you can’t have two) Asterisk has nothing to do with FreePBX and is not distributed with FreePBX. What Distro did you use to install?

This is also a development forum. I am locking this thread, please post responses in the other thread: