A2Billing Integration with FreePBX

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate FreePBX with A2Billing but i got stuck in the final step, redirecting a incoming DID call from FreePBX to A2Billing.

I setup FreePBX and all seems to be good there I could setup and use extensions, make calls out to landline phones, reciving calls through my DID and redirecting it to a FreePBX extension. All running fine with no issues.

I setup A2Billing as per a tutorial I got:

  1. Created a provider
  2. Created a trunk (Using the same trunk I created and tested in FreePBX)
  3. Created a call plan and rates

Then changed in FreePBX the incoming route to point to <A2Billing - DID> I tried with all other options (A2Billing - Callthrough and A2Billing-ANI Callback and got the same issue)

Ok now the issue that i am having is:

When I call to my DID then the call just hangs up and I can see this line in the FreePBX messages logs:

Channel ‘SIP/-00000051’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context, exten,priority=a2billing-did,s,1

Hopefully someone could help me here.