A200 or Vega 50

I am setting up an installation for a small business that needs a couple of analog phones and lines. I originally was going to use a standard analog card, but in my testing there is a lot of echo on the lines, so I am going to use hardware EC. When I went to purchase a A200 with EC, the distributor offered me a Vega 50 for the same price. I know this product is recently been discontinued but I do like a number of the features and the fact that it is detached from the server hardware. I have done a few installations with analog cards, but never one with an analog gateway.

My question is, should I stick with the analog card or is the Vega 50 a viable alternative? This is a customer that is very cost sensitive (aren’t they all) and with only about 12 total users I suspect either product will work well.

A200 or VEGA-50 work well.

I would never use a hardware server in the first place. Virtualize 100% of the time.

So because of that I always use gateways. I do not have a Vega 50 in production any more, mostly Grandstream GXW4108 in the field now. But I never had a problem with the 50’s.

The ability to run as a VM is certainly a good point. It doesn’t apply in this situation, but you made me realize that I have two other installations that I can move to a VM if I implement a gateway. It certainly sounds as if the gateway approach provides a lot more flexibility so I think that solves the dilemma.

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