A Word Of Warning!

If you want to nuke your Free PBX production machine in a hurry, just insert a ten digit account code in the PICKUPGROUP field of any sip extension.

How do I know this? Because like a cowboy I inserted an account code into this field (its unique to the group right, what can go wrong…) and poof! borked dial plan, with no registrations and looping error messages.

To remedy I had to go in and manually remove the entries from the conf file and the DB, kill asterisk, and start it up again. Also had to make sure the entries where nuked from the DB.

Now I know this was my own ineptitude for not researching the hard coded 1-63 limitation for this field, but I would humbly suggest that perhaps a validation be built into that form to prevent other cowboys from nuking their system.

I agree and sorry you had this issue. Can you please open a bug report at freepbx.org/trac

I wasn’t sure if it would be classified as a bug or not.

Ya that is a bug.

In fact it’s a textbook example of a “giant ass bug”. Thanks for the report.