A voicemail greeting question

Is it possible to review your current greetings from within the voicemail menus? I am not seeing an option to and have a user asking if it is possible.

after all mails are listened to, press 0

You can use UCP to play, remove or change the current greetings.

Pressing 0 allow you to record them, not review them.

I was hoping for a way to do so from the handset, I don’t have UCP deployed on this system, and am not i 100% sure I want to for them.

Actually, both, here is a picture


If you ONLY want to here them just call your own mailbox.

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Ahh so it is misleading the way the prompts sound I get it.

It still looks like you can’t review w/o recording a new message.
What I was looking for was actually reviewing the current message not recording a new one first, and reviewing before saving.

Call your own number and don’t answer it perhaps?

Or if ‘local’ just dial *{EXTEN} , and if the user doesn’t like what she hears just dial *{EXTEN} again and press * while the greeting is playing.

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