A rose by any other name: 3WAY, CONFERENCE, MEETME

I’m really confused, however, because I don’t see a straightforward way to do what I’m seeking. Here it is:

Call1: Agent0 calls Client0. Talks. Puts them on hold.
Call2: Agent0 calls 3rd Party Verification Line. Presses Numbers. Puts them on hold.
Call3: Agent0 joins Call1 and Call2 together.

Is this even possible? The documentation I’ve found seems a little short of the details or supported scenarios. I’ll continue to search, but I’d love to know if anyone understands what I’m trying to do and could give me a few pointers.

Basically, this is just 3WAY or CONFERENCING. In my situation, it’s a 3-party conference always, and one party (our AGENT) has to initiate it. No one can call in, but the AGENT can call out.

This being said, I also need to mention that I have a xLite softphone (not the premium edition), which can’t conference.

So be it. Any way to get this working via the FLASH OPERATOR PANEL (FOP)? Seems like we always drop the call that the Agent was on.

Very confused, but hoping for good advice… THANKS!

Call1: Agent0 calls Client0. Talks, then transfer Client0 to conference room. Conference room plays music while waiting for Agent0 to come in to conference room. Agent0 hangs up, then,
Call2: Agent0 calls 3rd Party Verification Line. Transfer 3rd Party to conference room, with Client0. Agent0 hangs up, then,
Call3: Agent0 dials in to conference room. Voila the three of them is in the conference.