A problem with FreePBX and Grandstream GXP1610

When freepbx was in our office, the connection was good. But recently freepbx was moved to a remote branch and problems started. During a conversation there are voice interruptions. The configuration of freepbx remained unchanged. The connection between the branches is good, there are no packet losses, the speed is 10 Mbps. But the ping increased, it became ~ 120. What can I do to solve this problem? I’ll be very grateful. And I apologize for my English.

Voice over IP is mostly affected by latency and packet loss, not connection speed. If your FreePBX server was moved to another location and now the latency on the connection between it and the phones has increased, you will experience choppy sound, and unfortunately there is not much you can do to fix the latency. Maybe if both branches have the same internet provider, the connection might be better in terms of latency.

Perhaps can i configure some kind of buffer? To compensate for the latency.

I don’t think there’s anything you can tweak to compensate for high latency.

You might benefit from doing a traceroute between the two endpoints concerned, as it’s possible a local device (switch) is causing the higher latency.

This may also highlight any steps along the route at either ISP which might be adding to the problem. You can contact the specific ISP then and see if they can help

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