A previously deleted user in PBX showing in AORs - how to delete it finally?

When I run ‘pjsip show aors’ it returns the AORs plus this:

Aor: 90123 100

I recall once when messing around with the user settings a while ago, it made me add a user login with prefix 90 before the extension number of the user 123. However this user was deleted and I checked and there are no users in the user manager list.
So why is this still showing in AORs and how to remove it completely?


I’m using PBXAct so when I enter that it redirects to http://pbx.ip/admin/config.php



I had to clear my browser cache and then after logging in again it worked, I was able to delete the devices which then showed. It turns out 90123 was the leftover zulu client device. Thank you

UPDATE: it required restart of PBX for the extra AOR 90123 to disappear from the AORs list once I deleted the zulu device 90123.

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