A minor MOH non-issus

As far as I’m concerned, this is a non issue…but just wondering.

I just uploaded new Christmas Music for MOH. Rather than going through the FreePBX GUI, I simply FTP’d them up as a batch after creating the proper directory and editing the MOH Custom file. The new Christmas files work fine. Because I manually created everything, the new files do not show up in the GUI. I assumed this is info that is written into the MYSQL database. I’ve looked at the database but can’t find any likely place this would be stored so that I might edit it.

Another issue I noticed is that “RANDOM” MOH didn’t really seem to be random. It always seemed to start with the same selection…the one with the oldest date/time. I went to the MOH directory and did a “touch *” to give them all the same date/time stamp and now they seem to be truly random.

Well I’m off work today…really must have too much time on my hands. (Or I’m putting off doing the dishes!).

Thanks & Happy Holidays