A little help with extensions files plz

I’m not new with asterisk but somehow maybe i’m :slight_smile:
so here is my problem

when i want to write new dialplan i’m always doing something like this
"mv extensions.conf extensions.conf.old"
and start writing my dialplan in the new extensions.conf that i made and it work
what i do is working with mysql in dialplan so i’m not really good at features.
but recently i faced a problem
I need to activate transfering the calls to other extensions (i.e transfering incoming call from dahdi to other extensions)
so i used (t) optien in dial application but when i press the transfer button nothing happen and it says "no route to destination"
now i need someone to tell me what i miss, to do call transfering
in my dialplan.

or if there was any similar problem here please give me the link of that page
my guess is problem come from the file that i write my dialplan in it.

Why would you you need to do any of this? FreePBX takes care of the dial plan for you.

tnx for reply
really i don’t know why but from the first time that i started learning asterisk i was writing dialplan in text mode,so it’s a little hard for me to immigrate to gui
but imagin something like that.i want to define some sip extensions and make them to call each other.
so what i was doing is define sip in sip.conf
and make a little dialplan in extensions.conf and reload asterisk so it was working.but now if i define my sip via gui how or where should i put my dialplan,i think it should be extensions_custom.conf file but the problem is i tried that, dialplan worked but transfering is still not working.and it makes me a little confuse.

So why are you asking on a FreePBX forum instead of Asterisk users group?

ya really why?!? .but btw thanks alot for spending your time and answering my question.but i should find my problem and i’m hoping i will :slight_smile:

I don’t know the answer to your question, don’t get an attitude with me.

You ask a question about programming Asterisk on a FreePBX user forum, what do you expect the programmers to come in the forum and help you solve your off topic issue.

If you have a FreePBX question I would be glad to answer it.