A Little Choppy Voice - Audio Cut-out / Hyper-V / Trixbox

System Information

Kernel: 2.6.18-128.1.10.el5 (SMP)
Running on Microsoft Hyper-V (2008)


I’m out of my league a bit here; if anyone can offer some advice I’d be most appreciate it!

I have a new install of Trixbox running in a Hyper-V environment. I toyed around with an earlier version this year but had severe “stuttering” issues running in it in Hyper-V. The latest build doesn’t seem to have the same issue. I’m not sure if everything is right – but I also have an install of the “older” version of Trixbox on physical Dell machine which seems to act the same.

The issue is audio seems to cut-out, similar to dropped packets. It is more annoying (like a mediocre mobile call) than unable to understand. But it does makes it not acceptable as a replacement to any existing system we have.

The problem seems to exist on all connection points:
-LAN Phones (Grandstream and X-Lite SOftphone)
-Inbound call on SIP Trunk (BroadVox or Aretta)
-Remote SIP ATA

Internet connection is a fiber 10M connection with fairly low utilization. Latency of around 50 ms to sip provider. Minor Packet Loss.

Not running QoS on LAN segment being tested but there should be no congestion issues on the segment. 1 to 2 ms ping times.

Ideas? Let me know if any additional information can help. I appreciate anything!

Is that for one call or multiple ones?

It seems to occur on all calls.

May want to check out your CPU usage.

If that is fine, what about internal calls?

You May also want try using some sort of compression or turning on that QOS.