A litte help please

Here is my issue. I have remote phones. The receiver(person) hears the audio of the incoming call, but the caller can’t hear the audio of the receiver(person). The phone registers to the phone server. Ports are open on the pfsense firewall. All this happened after client was hit with multi power bumps to their comcast modem, all in one day. Networks, of remote phones, are added to sip settings. Nat is yes. Reinvite is no, timeouts are 3000 for media and rtp. Is there a setting on the GS2100 that needs to be set? Any ideas or is more info needed?

Is the Comcast modem set to bridge or Pass through mode?
Is the pfsense firewall receiving a public IP on it’s WAN side or private IP?
The Comcast modem at one of our sites would swap from bridge mode to pass through (handing off a private IP to our firewall) on reboot, which resulted in two devices doing NAT, resulting in no audio.
We ended up going for a third party modem.

Modem is set to pass through, won’t run bridge mode.
pfsense has public on WAN side

Then I would do a packet capture on the firewall to see where your RTP packets are sent to.
RTP debug can help as well.

all the packet capture got was the udp traffic, no rtp traffic

RTP is UDP, so inspect those.

ok, thanks

can i post one in here and have you evaluate?

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