A huge thank you to the FreePBX community and this forum

In the last three weeks I have managed to build and set up a VoIP server, install FreePBX and learn (at least the basics!) how to configure/use/monitor/maintain it, and purchase a SIP trunk from an ITSP.

I started this project with basically no understanding of the underlying structure of a VoIP network, and it’s taken me some time to grasp some of the concepts and terminology. Reading through the posts on this forum has been an invaluable aid (including resolving an issue I had from day one with misconfigured DNS), and I have to say it’s nice to have such a wonderful resource available to assist when issues arise.

All the interactions I have seen and all of the folks I have dealt with here have been super-friendly and patient, even with the most inane of questions. I look forward to the day when I have enough knowledge and experience under my belt that I can start to give back to this fine community that has helped me so much already.

I feel like I am well on the way to giving my ISP’s overpriced VoIP services the boot (I am running both FreePBX and my ISP’s VoIP concurrently at present until I get all the bugs worked out) and can “cut the cord” once and for all.

A huge thank you to everyone past and present who has posted and responded on this forum and helped me on the road to VoIP freedom!