A few questions

I recently installed pbx in a flash and trying to play with it. I have a few questions, hope someone can help me.

1)it has SQL installed, is it mysql? if so how do I access it?
2)where are the call log saved? in sql or text file?
3)is it possible to set up some automatic calls(such as call my cell at 7AM every weekday to wake me up)?

thank you!

  1. Mysql — mine is reached as:

  2. There is a text file

  3. Yes…I believe the access code is *62. There are also a couple of add-ons that make it more flexible. Chenk www.nerdvittles.com.


2)Do you know which text file? I did find the table in mysql that saved call log.
3)Any recommendations?

Table name = asteriskcdrdb

I knew in my sql the database is asteriskcdrdb, and table is cdr. I was asking which text file that also saves call log?