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dear community,

my first problem:
i have all agents logged on.
all worked fine for the last few days.

but today (i dont know why), from my 6 agents, only 3 are ringing.
nobody from this 3 has logged of from the queue as agent or dont have activated call forwarding / dnd.

i only get this information (but phone is not ringing)
== Extension Changed 22[ext-local] new state Idle for Notify User 21
== Extension Changed 22[ext-local] new state Idle for Notify User 24
== Extension Changed 22[ext-local] new state Idle for Notify User 10

if i call *45 (logged off) and call *45 agein (logged on), then the phone are ringing correctly…

but i have configured for each extensions a follow me (back to the queue) after 20 seconds:

what is here my problem, how i can fix this?

my 2nd problem:
if i answer a call and forward it to a internal extension, how can i set this if this extension is busy that i can see this? and how i can get back the call?

currently after a ext user is busy or dont get the call after this 20 seconds, it rings on all extensions (via queue). i only find in the extension no answer, but not a 2nd if busy…

my goal is the following:

and here my settings:


extension 10:

incoming routes:

can anybody helps me?


Are your agents static agents or are they dynamic agents? If you want them to always be logged on, you should make them static agents. If you don’t, you should have them log in and log out when they come on or leave (respevtively).

Don’t do that - you can have to queue fail over to the queue if you want, but don’t have each extension restart a new queue. Remember, Asterisk is a back to back user agent system, so the phones are all independent calls from the queue.

This is because of your decision to FMFM (Find Me/ Follow Me) to the queue. Turn off the FMFM, or set the FMFM of the extensions to a different extension/cell phone. Personally, I’d turn off FMFM in the configuration.

You need to review the Theory of Operations for Queues from the Wiki. To me, it seems like you’ve over complicated your queue setup because of your misunderstanding of how the system works.

Saw your post yesterday and had in plan to write you today, unfortunately i had a busy day and @cynjut got on the boat before me…

All i can say, i suggest you to read the Queue Wiki. Most of your configurations is made out of “guessing” the right way to route your calls. I know… you’ll have to restructure your Queue, but almost all of your questions/mistakes will be gone.

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