A 'Federation' feature of a handset(s) and a softphone(s) on the desktop(s)?

so please excuse me if this is actually called differently (if it exists at all)…

Is it possible to have a desktop VoIP softphone application act as a ‘surrogate’ dialpad for an otherwise really dumb desktop phone (e.g. a SPA112 ATA) ?

I have a VoIP desktop application that has really cool configurable BLF features (TSip), and I register it to the same extension as I register a ‘traditional’ handset connected to a SPA112 ATA.

On the desktop softphone I can configure a multitude of BLF and other action keys, while using the same on the ATA requires dialcodes (which not always work if you don’t get the config right).

It is assumed, that when I’m on the phone on the ATA, no one will be ringing me on the softphone and vice versa; they are to be used either-or.

Users defnitively ‘like’ the handsets better than having something speak to them through the Softphone on a computer…

But would it not be ‘cool’ if I could, while being ON CALL using the ATA, BUT the softphone itself being IDLE, press the ‘park’ button on the Softphone (that normally would send ##70 when on call, but when idle it would just dial this code ) and Asterisk in FreePBX would park the call that the ATA is on ? Same with unparking, e.g. my softphone could tell Asterisk that it is the ATA/Handset that the call should be unparked to ?

Not just ATA with dumb phones would benefit, but actually if it was solved in Asterisk, it could work for just about ANY handset (one more ‘pro’ reason: less distraction for agent than to reach out to the telephone to search and press a BLF button for example, since they have to stare into computer screens most of the time and have hands on keyboards and mice - but their headsets are connected to the phones) (Not all desk VoIP phones come with remote control programs either)

Or the thing with originating calls : the agent copy/pastes or has a browser plugin for click to call, that invokes the Softphone, that just dials the number which Asterisk will Originate the call to be picked by the ATA. Currently Asterisk Call Originate can only be performed by the UCP… or a specialized dialer, that is another app I don’t want agents to have to run.

Hope the above makes ‘some’ sense ?