A fatal error in User Management page of administration GIU

I installed a freePBX version 64 bit Stable 5.211.65-15 released on 7-25-14 Asterisk 11
When i am entering the User Management page of administration web GUI
the path to the page is IP/admin/config.php?display=userman
I have errors:


SELECT * FROM cxpanel_server [nativecode=1146 ** Table ‘asterisk.cxpanel_server’ doesn’t exist]SQL -
SELECT * FROM cxpanel_server

Trace Back

/var/www/html/admin/libraries/sql.functions.php:25 die_freepbx()
[0]: SELECT * FROM cxpanel_server [nativecode=1146 ** Table ‘asterisk.cxpanel_server’ doesn’t exist]SQL -
SELECT * FROM cxpanel_server

/var/www/html/admin/modules/cxpanel/functions.inc.php:896 sql()
[0]: SELECT * FROM cxpanel_server
[1]: getRow
[2]: 2

/var/www/html/admin/modules/cxpanel/functions.inc.php:319 cxpanel_server_get()

/var/www/html/admin/libraries/moduleHook.class.php:30 cxpanel_hook_userman()
[1]: userman

/var/www/html/admin/config.php:398 moduleHook->install_hooks()
[0]: userman
[1]: userman

How can I fix it?

Uninstall Cxpanel:

amportal a uninstall cxpanel

I’m new in all PBX stuff, so i don’t know how to uninstall the cxpanel.
Is there some page where i can do it? Or i need to go to the filesystem of installed PBX and remove it from there?

SSH into the CLI of the PBX and paste the command above.

useage: amportal (admin|a) <option>


externalip|extip: Returns the external ip for the default gateway
dbug:           Shows the freepbx debug log file and any update
context|cxt:   Show's the specified context from the dialplan. This is extreamly
               usefull when developing dialplan on a system with many modules,
               where it is not fesable look thru the whole extensions_additional
               every time to see how a specific context was generate
               When run with the 'list' or 'l' option, will list all avalible
               contexts as they appear in extensions* files
modadmin|ma:  Runs the module_admin script with additional argument as passed
mysql|m:        Connect to freebx's mysql connection (assumes server is on localhost) s
rmsymlinks:             Cleans up dangling linkes left over from uninstalled modules
reload|r:      Does a full dialplan regeneration/reload (like clicking
               the orange bar)
unlock|u:       Unlock the web gui from the cli (requires root)

It is what i am getting after running this command.
What am i supposed to do next?

Just to clarify, you logged into the command line of the FreePBX server as root and pasted the command below?

amportal a uninstall cxpanel

Yes. and after i run this command from command line of the FreePBX server as root i got what wrote in my previous comment.

Whoops. Sorry

amportal a ma uninstall cxpanel

Ok. I removed cxpanel, but the error is there.

rm -Rf /var/www/html/admin/modules/cxpanel

It’s coming from cxpanel. You didn’t remove it. Run the command above.

:slight_smile: Great! It is OK now. Thank you.