A custom name

To many website with the tagline name of “FreePBX Administration”, Is this something that can be configured? looking at the code show it in config.php as the variable listed below. I have searched on this but can’t find it in the admin space? Would like ti be the site then FreePBX Administration or even customs ICON’s per site. But every update would overwrite?

$header[‘title’] = framework_server_name();

That’s all a little confusing, please post a screenshot of what is upsetting you.

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Settings - Advanced Settings - search “Include Server Name in Browser” and set to yes. This helped me.


No which tab was that server on :wink:

Thanks that is perfect! Now for a custom ICON, ok still dreaming :smile:


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Cool! let me do a custom icon too! Thanks

This is going to get overwritten.

If you want a custom name, then look at the OEM program.

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