A couple of dumb questions

Hay all sup sup

Dumb question number 1

How do Into the user portals?

Dumb question number 2

What is the FOP security Code?

We have trixbox CE
I have 5 users and need to show them how to log into the user panel. I have been installing CE for over a year and don’t remember ever having to log into a user portal or use the FOP.

Thanks everyone


Only dumb question is one not asked…

user portals?
Do you mean the ARI??? if so then exten / password

FOP passw0rd …that is a ZERO not an O

The user portal is new to trixbox 2.6 and the bext place for trixbox questions is the trixbox forum…

Ok I tried “0” and “zero” for the FOP security code. Anyone know what it is or how to change it?



Well with TB anything goes (they can screw a setup like nobody else

It SHOULD be in etc/amportal.conf but with the new way TB is tring to lock out folks from custom installs there is no telling, for all I know they may have added some type “package controller” crap.
in amportal.conf you should see a line like below


Thank worked thanks.