A big problem

My problem with my sip trunk is that whenever I have internet problem i have to reboot the server in order for the sip trunks to register with the sip provider, is there a command i can add to have it re-register automatically if I have connection problem.

Thank for helping

There are many recipes to install dnsmasq to ameliorate such problems. Some distros already do that, how did you set up your system?

Hi dicko,
Thank you for your help, but I don’t understand what you mean by asking me how do I setup my system, please explain so I can provide you with the correct answer.


I’ll say that it a pretty standard installation as I am new to this, just follow the information found over the web to have the box setup and work, I hope that this can help you!

What standard Installation, from scratch? from the Schmooze iso? from the Digium iso? from the PIAF iso? or you followed some other recipe?


Why do you feel you have to keep calling it the Schmooze Distro. I have asked numerous times to not refer to it as that. It is the FreePBX Distro. Please stop.

To specifically identify the disto that inclures proprietory Shmooze code?

the OP was obviously confused also.

a yway, no offense was meant and I will not make that mistake again.

Still no solution

I will leave you with Tony, so I don’t blot my copybook in this thread too much.

I used elastix distro.

Wow - Elastix is not real FreePBX, it is “forked” highly modified. You need to get support in the Elastix forum.