*97 to Voicemail, Plays Intro, Hangs up

Running FreePBX 13 distro. Using commercial Endpoint Manager for provisioning.

Phone is a Yealink T32G. Latest firmware available via Endpoint Manager (1.16 release).

Upon hitting the *97 message key on the phone, we hear “You have 2 new messages and 1 old message.” It then hangs up. I’ve deleted the extension and recreated from our template, and reset the phone to factory and upgraded firmware to the latest release in the EPM. The voicemail system is working for other users.

The logs are not showing me anything; full call log is posted in the pastebin below.

What’s going on?

This had something to do with the phone being on a different subnet than the PBX thought it should be. We recently extended our subnet from 24 to 23, opening up 192.168.1.x. I didn’t have the subnet properly configured in SIP settings, so on top of the voicemail problems we were also getting one way audio on that phone (phone was using external IP to communicate).

Changed my subnet from 24 to 23, all problems went away.