9480i station status


i’m looking for a way to show the status of an extension/station on my pbx. i.e. extension 210 i would like to have programmed on to a softkey, but show the status of the station… i.e. it will display if on the phone, or available…

pressing that button will then dial the extension, if it is available.

is this possible with FreePBX and aastra 9480i phones?


Absolutely, I assume you are using the xml scripts for the phones?

Yes i’m using the scripts. what steps do i take to accomplish showing the status of an station on the screen and then press the soft key to transfer/dial.

In the extensions mac.cfg file add a blf/xfer key to each line you want to monitor.

This will enable busy, hold and ringing indication. It will also allow you to pickup the extension if ringing.