*93 Call Forward Feature Code

Hello all. Using FreePBX 13 (distro 10), asterisk 13.

I took a look at the following resource on the wiki, but the information at the top doesn’t match the information further down, where it refers to feature code *720 which is no longer a default feature code (apparently due to conflicting with *72). It seems like it’s missing some important information, and there are no examples to follow to make sure I’m properly executing the steps to use this feature code.

When I dial the *93 feature code for call forwarding, labeled (and enabled) in the system as:
Call Forward All Prompting Activate
I experience dial tone for the feature code entry, then a pause, then another dial tone. No matter what I enter at this point, it just originates a call to what I dial, whether it’s an extension, an external number, whatever. I was expecting Allison to ask me for an extension, and then ask me for a number to forward to, but there’s no “prompting.” Even if Allison didn’t prompt me for anything, I can only input a single number and it just originates a call, doesn’t do anything with call forwarding.

Is there something I’m missing?

Just fyi, in case some other solution exists, we’re looking to set up call forwarding for an extension while we’re not at the office, using just the phone system and dial codes (the UCP would work, but we’d have to fully set up our users, get certificates, port forwarding, distribute passwords & train on interface usage, etc. and there’s more red tape to that than just setting up a DID to DISA).

Does anyone have a solution or suggestion?

Works for me. Debugging calls means providing a call trace: