922 - Emergency Test call to 911 Does not display a 1 before the full 10 digits

Hello AllI am pulling my hairs out. Currently I am able to dial 922 to test my SIP Trunk’s emergency line and I get the area code cut off so example… Let’s say my number is 999-888-7777 the automated system can verify my correct address but the phone number coming back is 99-888-7777. Somehow it is cutting off the first digit of my area code. I have contacted my provider and they can show that I am out pulsing 999-888-7777, they are asking me to add a 1 to the outbound number to make it 11 digits.

So, my trunk configurations for outbound routes have the 19998887777, it appears in caller ids correctly so when I call my cell I correctly show 1-999-888-7777. I have also checked the number outpulsing from my extension and it correctly shows 19998887777. I don’t know where else to look to make the outbound call to emergency hotline show with the full 11 digit number which would resolve my issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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