911 Routing

Is setting the emergency route attribute enough to successfully pass 911 calls or do I need to add a dial pattern as well?

You always need a dial plan, then just choose your appropriate trunk for that route, 911 is only appropriate for some parts of the NANP area


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Thanks Dicko. What, then, is the purpose of the emergency route option?

Hover over the question mark and it will tell you:

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Certainly in NANPA land,. It is your liability to route 911 calls through an e911 compliant trunk, this is designed to help you not get into trouble

Whoa, what? I am transitioning to a VOIP service and will setup e911 once a number gets ported. Is there something I should know?

If all your did’s are in the same location and you have e911 set correctly with your provider, then “no prob” ,. If you only have one trunk and e911 is set correctly for each DIDI, then “no prob”. But if you have remote extensions, they need an e911 setup appropriate to their location,and you need to use the trunk you have so provisioned, that’s what the whole thing is about. If you don’t abuse it, then you can call 911 and immediately state that you are “testing” and ask the operator to let you know what information that have about your call because that is where the “big red car” will be sent if it is wrong, then they will likely charge you $200.00 and your house will burn down :wink:

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Excellent. I was planning on testing my e911 and was prepared to be scolded by the operator.

As part of this transition we had to install a new IP alarm system. As an aside, we set it off accidentally and found that it was programmed to report everything as a fire. Thankfully the fire department called to confirm and I was able to call them off. This will get fixed on Friday.

Be aware that largely your Security system’s UL rating might not be accepted by your insurance company if delivered over voip, you should check that.

It was installed by a local alarm company.

Just tested my e911. The nice gentleman answering was very cordial.