911 Emergency Best Practice?

Hello All,

In dealing with a few rogue 911 calls, I have re-visited the way we configure our trunks to better handle emergency calls.

Currently I setup an outbound route with any dial prefix and 911 as well as just 911, this route has the emergency route type and has the override extension Route CID options checked.
This should then force the outbound route to the correctly setup 911 CID and avoid Rogue 911.

I then setup the Emergency-911 Route as the first outbound route.

Is this the preferred/recommend way to accomplish this?

I do understand that I can set the Emergency CID by extension gaining better control as well.


Hello All,

Can somebody chime in on this…


I always set-up my Emergency 911 Route that will take calls to 911 and to 811 and is first in priority. I remap 811 in my trunks to a test number. That way, I can dial 811 as a test to verify that the route is working and the correct Caller ID is being passed without actually calling 911.

Once I am certain it works, I call the local PSAP and ask if I may place a test call, and then I test 911.