911 alert to a phone

Okay, so this is the hotel/motel config I was asking about in another thread. We need to have an alert when a guest room dials 911, hopefully on some SIP phones in the front office. Can we do such a thing?

We have it and an email when 911 is called.

Sorry don’t have the specifics, and not in front of my system, but setting up some sort or alert is possible.

I covered it in this thread

I’ve seen the email method. What I’m hoping for is an alert on actual phones as well. Maybe a page to page group or calling a ring group and announcing “Hey, room XXX just dailed 911”.

Add a callfile to the equation

Standard feature of Page Pro:

See the section “Linking an Outbound Route to a Page Group”

Thank you Lorne,

This looks like what I need. Now it get strange. In my module admin, after checking online, I see Paging and Intercom and Paging Pro both enabled. No option to buy. I would think that means I’m good to go, but when I click on Paging and Intercom under Applications, I don;t see the additional options when I trey to add a paging group. I’m running asterisk v13.22.0 with FreePBX 14.0.11. Clearly I’m missing something here.

What options are you missing? The feature noted above is under Outbound Routes.

Oh how I wish I could get on the phone with you for a few minutes… I don’t see the options under Outbound Routes.

Sounds like you don’t have Page Pro licensed. If you do it’ll show in Admin, System Admin, Activation and will show on the licenses tab for the deployment when you login to portal.sangoma.com

It doesn’t show in Activation, but there’s also no option to buy in Module Admin. So…how to get it? I just looked it up. Not expensive at all.


Easy cheesy. Thank you kindly. This is a small motel with 21 guest rooms. Owner wants the cheapest garbage analog phones available for the rooms. Office will have 3 SIP phones and an analog cordless. Owner wants rooms to not dial each other, but can dial to the office and have 911 access. Office and cordless analog phone must be able to dial anywhere.

My system selection so far is:

PBXExact 40
Vega 3000G ATA
Vega 60 FXO
PMS pro

Any thoughts?