9000 Extension Architecture

Hello Everyone,
I want to register 9000 extensions in freepbx and only purpose for intercom calling. I assume that it might be 4000 con-current calls. Is it possible in freepbx if yes, then what architecture should I use.

Wow - that’s going to be interesting.

You can do it, but it’s going to be ugly.

Reloading 9000 extensions is going to take a long time. If, however, the whole point of the exercise is only intercom, you might be able to do it. I wouldn’t want to do it, but it’s worth a try.

Paging over this system will be impossible unless you use Multicast routing, but just Intercom calling should be fine. I’m curious to see if the system will let you have 4000 calls going at a time, even over the local network. I’m kind of doubting it.

I’d say that it’s probably possible, but you’ll need a physical monster server to get this done.
Maybe even setting up two servers and use a Trunk to connect both.
a phone call with the Sangoma engineers won’t hurt, they will probably be able to tell you the best way to accomplish this.

Almost certainly you should be using a SIP proxy for this, then there would be 4000 calls between the individual extensions, with asterisk you would have 8000 calls on the Asterisk box which is likely going to run into all sorts of exhaustion of resources which would make the asterisk box effectively lockup.


If all the extensions are going to be in the same local network, what about disabling NAT and allowing re-invites? Then just the signalling and initial call media would be going through asterisk before the extensions start communicating directly?

If you have ever been in the position to handle more than a very few hundred concurrent SIP calls, you will just NOT use a B2BUA, wrong call on every level.

If possible may I get any distribution architecture setup guide.

What is a “distribution architecture” in your thinking?

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I am thinking if I separate database, cti and web. Is it work for me?

Which type server you recommend from this? May I know the full specification.

The cli,webserver and mysql database are normally under no-load conditions whilst running, that won’t alleviate your problems, i still advise you yo use a proxy not a b2bua.

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