*8 from Zulu desktop Windows

Start but saying great product and easy to setup.

Currently running the latest versions of Zulu both server side and client side (alpha) and cant seem to get the call pickup (*8) to work ?
It looks like it works and then just fails to pick up the call and hangs up the deskphone , and the call keeps ringing else where?

Also while im at it it seems that the time is wrong on the log on time under the zulu module “Active Sessions” although the system is set to use the system time (UK) which is correct ?

any help would be apprecatied

Not currently supported. There is an internal ticket, ZS-442 requesting this feature.

Thanks for that , can you shed any light on the “log on time” issue?

No, and I don’t have a way to confirm at the moment. Open a commercial module ticket.

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