7960g sip firmware

my cisco 7960g voip is not supporting sip (so i cant connect it to my freePBX), I searched online to get the SIP firmware.
but im getting 404 not found when trying to download from cisco site:
can someone give me correct link\firmware to 7960g? thank you!

I believe there is a download here: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/collaboration-endpoints/unified-ip-phone-7900-series/5455-handset-to-sip.html

Want to add here as well, I used to have some Cisco phones that we used with FreePBX. We don’t use them anymore because they are an absolute pain to setup and regularly break working with FreePBX.

I much prefer Grandstream equipment but that’s just me.

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Hi, thank you for your help.
I tried download from this link before, it moved me to the download center where I can only find 7942g, 7962g, 6931g, etc but not 7960g.
I gave up finding the firmware from cisco site.
i might just putting 7962 firmware on my 7960 and see if it’s work.
by the way it is very painful to set them up.

found it from 3cx site. thank

The simpler solution (one that allows the full functionality of the phone with having to patch Asterisk) is to use the chan-sccp-b SCCP channel driver and SCCP Manager packages from Github. My documentation on implementing these is at Interesting new success with Chan-SCCP-B and SCCP-Manager (both from GitHub)

The 7960 phones are effectively crippled using the SIP Load - they are intended to bridge you over to something else that Cisco can sell you. Using the Chan-SCCP-B driver leaves them in Skinny mode and allows the full functionality of the phone to be used. Note that you can install these two packages even if you don’t have any Skinny phones and then set the phone itself up to connect either to SIP or to SCCP.

Remember, if you use the SIP load, you password is an horribly and easily hackable 8 characters, so you SIP port, if exposed to the Internet, can allow for unauthorized access to your system.

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