7960 custom logo

I have been able to get a custom logo to load on our 7960 phones by using the Asterisk Tux logo floating around the net. However, I have converted our actual company logo to the specified format but it does not load (the phone just loads with no logo at all). My question here is where can I find a log file within the system that will shed some light on the phone’s attempt to load the logo file so I can investigate why it is not loading the logo? Thanks!

That would be presumably be your tftp server with verbosity set high enough to see what is logged to /var/log/messages.

There are more than a few posts here as to how to do that.

But be aware that the first t in tftp means trivial, so the server really doesn’t care whether your client accepts it or not, nor logs any error if your phone rejects it.

Solved this issue. My problem was related to the bit depth of the logo. I had went off some information I found elsewhere that said use a 2 bit (black and white). That didn’t work for me. I an 8 bit worked for me.

For anyone else trying this, here is what I did:

I used freeware windows-based software called InfranView. Open your logo image, (save as BMP if starting with a JPG) go to image->decrease color depth and select “256 Colors (8 BPP)”, also select make grayscale image. Then select image->resize/resample. Select “preserve aspect ration”, then put the width at 90 (I was able to go as high as 110 for the width so you can play around there). Set DPI to 72 then click OK. Save and copy to your webserver.

Hi, Did you find a way to select the custom background by default instead of the Cisco logo please? Thanks