7945 The Number you Have Dialed is Not In Service

Hello All
We can dial out on all devices but our 5 7945’s when we do the phone dials 9 and the first few digits and then says the number is out of service
it shows that it dialed 9 and thats it.

Ive attached my dial plan

<TEMPLATE MATCH="#..." Timeout="5" User="Phone" Tone="Bellcore-Alerting"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="*" Timeout="5" User="Phone"Tone="Bellcore-Alerting" />
<TEMPLATE MATCH="9,1.........." TIMEOUT="3" Tone="Bellcore-Alerting"/>
<TEMPLATE MATCH="9,.........." TIMEOUT="3" Tone="Bellcore-Alerting"/>

CDR Reports show the phone is only sending “9”

Heres a sample phone config

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
                        <timeZone>Central Standard/Daylight Time</timeZone>
                                <member priority="0">
                        <line button="1">
                                <featureLabel>2001 - Your Phone</featureLabel>


Removed the “,” From My Plan

Dialing 9 before an outside number causes many problems and I strongly recommend that you set up your system to not require it. If you have a legacy device that dials 9 that you can’t change, e.g. an alarm system for which you don’t have the installer password, you might set up the system to permit (but not require) an initial 9.

Your Outbound Route is missing an entry for 911 (without an initial 9). Also, it permits e.g. 918005551212 but not 914165551212 (1 before the area code should always be allowed).

If your area code is 506, 709, 807 or 867 (the only ones in CA without overlays), your dial plan could allow 7 digits within the area, or 1 + 10 digits outside the area. This eliminates the delays and problems associated with timeouts.

In other areas, I recommend allowing only 10- and 11-digit dialing.

If you can confine your extensions to the range 1000-1199 (or 100 -119 for a very small system), you can set up the phones so there is no delay after dialing internal or external numbers.

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