7941g and Remote Extensions

I’m pulling my hair out at this point, and google hasn’t provided an answer yet.

We have a bunch of Cisco 7940 phones that work both in and out of our network. (Of course we have to change the nat on the extension and the cnf file.)

We just ordered a bunch of 7941g, it pulls TFTP and the firmware SIP41.8-5-2S just fine. They work just fine internally, but I cannot get the to work outside of our network. It just stays stuck at Registering.

My phones SEPMAC.cnf.xml file is here: http://pastebin.com/u4En9M5P

If the phones work internally but not externally, then I’m pretty sure you are looking at a network / NAT issue. Have you checked the TFTP logs (may need to up the verbosity) on the server to see if the xml files are actually being requested?

At the remote/phone end you may wish to use something like Wireshark to see what packets the phone is sending/receiving.

Good luck.