*69 Call Trace playback date/time


I have just came across *69 call trace which reads back the last number that called. This would be perfect if it also played back the date/time the call came through.

Can someone advise on how I can edit the code so that it also plays back the date/time?


*69 pulls the last call information from the Asterisk database, which you can see for yourself with:

database show CALLTRACE

or for extension 1000:

database show CALLTRACE 1000

As far as I can see no corresponding date is stored, so unfortunately, this is a non-trivial feature to implement. If you want to chase this, it would likely involve querying the asteriskcrdb mysql database to attempt to determine the most recent date/time based on the extension number and the caller number.

Thank you for your reply.

Feel free to open a feature request

Also if you feel like adding the feature patches are always welcome.