64 Bit and Asterisk Ver. 11.14.0 problems

first up I have a long time ago used trixbox in 32 bit machines and never had a problem.
So when I decided to use my 64 bit machine dual core 3.2 GHz machine to run asterisk and a vanillia install I though I was going to be a winner as this was the base to my file store at home.
The install was painless, I got the phones working first, then the trunks, all cool.
Played around with the workings for a bout a week, never noticed the problem.
The problem was the ntpd not turning on at start easy fix, then I decided that it was time to put a voicemail message, I phoned up the system via the mobile to make sure it was working, the first time I had the message, second time and other NONE, testing the message on the phne was a royal pain, every time I phoned up the IVR part worked up till the message then it just hung up.
I decided to test something else that did work the directory, this now does not work, even the wake up does not work correctly, using the wakeup, at home I use it every day, great alarm clock, it does not state the extestion, nor the time. Not real sure whats going on.

Basically I am looking for ideas on how to fix this instal, WITHOUT reinstalling.
I have a mail server running on the same box, a big raid, and other web stuff.

Just looking for a bit of help

Many Thanks Paul

What version of FreePBX are you using?

Thanks for the quick answer back,
well from what I can see it is version FreePBX which is put n pasted from the bottom of the Admin page.
Currently I am about 2000 km from the install but can work on it remotely, any ideas are welcomed.
Personally I do not want to have to reinstall the complete system again, as the other services took a week or two to iron out the problems, it could of been longer one day rolled into the next.
I currently only have access to the FreePBX Admin pages and every thing else, also the voicemail / user control panel.

I look forward to any help, consider me a not so noob but also not elite white hat hacker.


I’d suggest you do an online module check, make sure that everything’s up to date.

Also, FreePBX 12 is a lot more tolerant of errors, and will tell you a lot more about an error if it detects one. You should be able to upgrade to V12 online