64-bit and 32-bit - Quick Question

I currently have a primary and secondary Freepbx 2.12 CentOS 5 both 32-bit on old Poweredge 2850 servers. I’m currently undergoing a major revamp and have purchasned a Dell R520 to be our primary and still hoping to use an old 2850 as a secondary

I have found that the Dell Openmanage suite will only install on 64-bit on the R520 and will only install on 32-bit on the 2850

Is it safe to have a primary as 64-bit and the secondary as 32-bit and still have the backups sync correctly?

Just checking before I get stuck in and find it’s not going to work.

I’ve just tried to restore a backup from a 32-bit server to this new 64-bit but it fails. It sits for a few seconds then the page loads all wrong. Restoring it to a 32-bit works fine so I’ll probably just stick with all 32-bit

You have to update the directory in asterisk.conf to reflect the 32 or 64 bit asterisk libraries.

I assume this would be after a restore has taken place which is not happening with me. It sits for a second when you click on Go! then the page refreshes with the right hand menu on the left and the theme gone. Running the restore on a 32-bit is fine.

I thought I would go with 32-bit but I would really like Openmanage to work so Im putting 64-bit back on just now

one solution, use debian it is multiarch.

I’ve just had another bash at this and fixed the restore problem. It was failing with a PHP Fatal error at running out of memory. I increased php.ini from 128mb to 512mb and it has now restored fine. Strange through as the 32-bit at 128mb restores using the same file fine.

Are there any other changes that I need to make? - I’ve changed asterisk.conf to lib64