6 second Delay for Direct Dial (during announcement)

My users/customers started to complain about the 6 seconds delay to be able to direct dial an extension when the IVR first picks up.

the process goes
Dial our number
the greeting announcement plays (“Thank you for calling…blah blah blah”…)
if you don’t wait 6 seconds - when an extension is entered the system reports "you have not entered a correct value"
which then the greeting replays as we have configured this on an invalid entry

  • how can I remove this delay so direct dial (extensions) works right away as soon as I hear the greeting announcement
    if you wait 6 seconds into the greeting then it works just fine…
    any ideas?

system is up to date with patches (according to the system)

You don’t happen to have a greeting that has 6 seconds of silence at the end of it do you?

No there is no silence in the greeting at all :slight_smile:
Just your standard thank you for calling our office hours are from time to time greeting if you know the extension you wish to reach you may dial it any time msg

Question, during the greeting, if they dial a number, does the greeting stop?

yes the greeting stops and if it is before 6 seconds your receive the error message if it is after 6 seconds into the greeting you are routed to the extension you entered

post a log of you making a call to the ivr and dialing an extension?

Do you have a colliding extension

rasterisk -x ‘dialplan show’|grep “’{EXTEN}*’”

if you do then the default 5 second ‘timeout’ will kick in. (of course replace {EXTEN} with your questionale extension)

Does the ivr play the announcement of are you first routing the call to a separate announcement?

I need to correct the issue at hand. - one of my techs confirmed and proved with many calls that it appears the users and customers are entering the extension too fast. The system does not understand the extension but when you take your time it registers regardless how far you are in the greeting announcement…There appears to be a 1/2 second tone registration/delay and the announcement to stop when someone presses the first digit of the extension.
I will upload the logs shortly. my schedule is pretty full today