32 bit distro install "fails"

downloaded the distro, burned iso to dvd. installed from iso without reported errors.

then the errors started.

first error: on reboot, complains that can’t connect to internet. after logging in as root, can ping clearly internet is working, but the boot code doesn’t think so.

second error: I log into the web interface and “Apply Config” is red. I click it and get an error: “reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error”. I clicked the “click here” and expanded the error: “table asterisk.cidlookup doesn’t exist”.

third error: system overview complains of “16 tampered files”. this is a fresh install and I literally haven’t done anything other than log in as root and ping

fourth error: clicking on module admin, I click Check Online. Result is another error: Cannot connect to online repository(s) mirror1. freepbx.org, mirror2. freepbx.org. (h t t p omitted)

This is a fresh install. I am flummoxed. never have I had an issue with a freepbx distro install.

is there possibly something amiss with the 32bit distro? I didn’t see any threads about it, so i’m thinking it’s an error at my end, but I really haven’t had a chance to screw it up yet. :blush:

Your DNS is completely amiss. Don’t ping an ip. Ping a real domain.

yes, I see that now. unfortunately, when I edit resolv.conf and reboot, the file reverts.

there was no System Admin menu option under Admin…

I was able to get the nameserver setting to work, and stick, by adding
and changing NM_CONTROLLED from “yes” to "no"
in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

this is likely not what I was supposed to do, but it did enable me to get DNS working. Once this happened, the pbx_first_boot.sh was able to run and update freepbx, and now I have a system admin menu choice. unfortunately, nameserver doesn’t appear to be an option in any of the screens, and the system admin module has rewritten ifcfg-eth0.

I made sure that the correct values still appeared in /etc/resolv.conf and rebooted. it still works!!

so now, i’m left with two errors: retrieve_conf still can’t find the cidlookup table, and I have nine “tampered” files. The screen tells me this “should be resolved urgently”, but sadly, it doesn’t tell me how to resolve these tampered files. (i’m guessing the solution to the missing table is to create the table, so i’ll have to dig to see what the DDL is for the table, and figure out how to execute it).

can I download untampered files from somewhere?

EDIT: Tony, no, i’m using a static ip address.

EDIT: clicking Admin;Callerid lookup sources gives me the “table asterisk.cidlookup doesn’t exist” error. Yes, I was hoping the module would create the table if it found it missing; sadly, it didn’t.

I found another thread (new-freepbx-vm-v12-from-official-distro-retrieve-conf-error-1/27156/5) where another user had an issue with the out of the box distro. The solution there was to uninstall the callerid module. I did that, and now both the APPLY UPDATES and tampered files errors have gone away.

it looks like the distro is still potentially broken with respect to the callerid module.

i’ll put in another blank sata drive and try the process all over again to see if I can reproduce the issue.

Are you using dhcp. Cause if so reaolv.conf gets rewritten by your dhcp server usually.

(this will be fun :slight_smile: . . . )

Where there is always the possibility that nobody else tried it yet :scream:

That would be where my money is . . . :slight_smile:

I am seeing the same issues as on the OP. Installed it twice on my server cleanly. The third and successive installs all show various numbers (8-14) tampered files. Not sure what is going on. I have absolutely no idea how to fix it. I think my name server (i had changed it to text instead of the NAT DNS) might have had something to do with it.